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974 Waterworks Road, The Gap, QLD, 4061

The Gap Day & Night Pharmacy

Our History

The Gap Day & Night Pharmacy has operated since the early 1960s initially by Alan Sherlock who was later joined by Bill Martel. They were active and well known in the The Gap community and helped many families with their healthcare needs. Michael & Kate bought the pharmacy in partnership with Frank Morgan in 1995 and have since become sole owners and continue to live in the local area.

Our Pharmacists

At The Gap Day & Night Pharmacy we are extremely lucky that we have such a dedicated and long serving team of pharmacists.  Michael and Kate are the owners and have been working in the pharmacy since 1995.  

Chung is our full time pharmacist.  Alison is currently completing her diabetes educator course and along with Marianne, Sharon and Kathryn ensures there is always a pharmacist on hand.   All of our pharmacists have a passion for healthcare and helping you and your family acheive positive health outcomes.

Maddie has had 5 children while she has worked at The Gap and continues to work a couple of days a week and on weekends.  She enjoys practising her Japanese language.  

Bill Martel who we bought the pharmacy from in 1995 still comes and does a few locum shifts for us when required and enjoys greeting familiar faces.



Pharmacist / Owner


Pharmacist / Owner



Pharmacy Intern





Our Team

We have been very fortunate to have Janelle as our Retail Manager for some years now and as well as being responsible for front of shop she is also responsible for the gorgeous gifts that we sell. 

Gardie is our qualified Naturopath and works in store Monday-Wednesday.  Catherine too has returned to work after having a baby boy last year.  

We also have many students who help us out at all times of the week and weekends. Many of our students are studying pharmacy and it is a pleasure to watch them grow in experience through their university years and we are always sad when they leave to work to continue their careers elsewhere.

Pharmacy Assistant


Naturopath / Pharmacy Assistant


Retail Manager


Pharmacy Assistant


Pharmacy Assistant


Pharmacy Assistant



Beauty Therapist

Part Time Pharmacy Assistant


Pharmacy Assistant



Pharmacy Deliveries

Part Time Pharmacy Assistant